We are committed to showcasing important films that tackle the greatest issues we face for our planet

 The Edinburgh Green Film Festival is a small team of impassioned folk with the aim to establish the first film festival focused on climate change and environmental filmmaking taking place in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has a thriving film culture, paired with an engaged passion for resolving the climate crisis. Our hope is to provide a film festival that will educate and engage the people of Edinburgh about the most pressing environmental issues we face. 

We've been working on the festival for just over a year now, with our plans severely altered by the COVID-19 crisis. However, we still hope to provide a two day fully programmed festival in 2021 in collaboration with one of Edinburgh's independent cinemas. 

Outdoor Movie Screening

Meet our dedicated festival team.

The Edinburgh Green Film Festival Team is a group of volunteers passionate about engaging Edinburgh with climate issues. Most of us are Edinburgh Napier alumni, and we work closely with the university to manage the festival.

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As part of the Scottish creative and arts industry, we have an opportunity to inform and inspire our audiences and with our festival aiming to encourage discussion of environmental issues, we know it's important to uphold a strong green policy that translates to environmentally-conscious decision making.

We are a member of Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Initiative programme, a network of organisations that work towards increasing the environmental sustainability

of the Scottish arts community.

We participate through the use of their tools and resources, and by communicating our data for annual feedback reports.

At Edinburgh Green Film Festival, we recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to ultimately run at a carbon deficit. You can read our full environmental policy by clicking the button below.


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